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Sunny13 Dec 08, 17 3:02 PM

The one that is FREE~~ lolol~~jk, HISTORY LESSONS OFF YOUR READING LIST, theology and why it is important to cultivate maturity as a trader to study the great minds.

papajohn Dec 08, 17 11:24 PM

I don't know which ones you have, but How to Make Millions and Trading Tickers are priceless. Also PennyStocking Part Deux and PennyStocking Framework.

Noble1222 Dec 09, 17 6:56 AM

Spikeability is one that when I got to it, I said "damn, this should have been placed earlier in the suggested order" schedule it in when you can.

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SAndrews Jul 30, 17 12:14 AM

SSS baby, this was a really good analysis of $DRYS stick with your plays I find this hard too but if your not prepared and just jump in the probability of winning is not in your favor. Love your positivity and persistince :)

Fne Jul 30, 17 10:16 AM

Your SSS analysis on DRYS .. Great practice .. You do know that the SSS for DRYS is manipulated by Kalanli, and that he pays people for good ratings right :) .. Kidding of course. but it should be ZERO

wannabestocktrader Jul 30, 17 10:54 PM

SSS baby! Thanks for the video, and keep at it. When you finally get to where you want to be, it'll be all the much sweeter given your journey so far.

Sunny13 Aug 05, 17 1:51 PM

SSS BABY! Always a breath of fresh air! Your mom must be proud!

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mrcriter Jul 26, 17 4:40 AM


trugreen Jul 27, 17 5:32 PM

The forecast for Chicago is Sunny and beautiful blue skies ahead : )

johhin Jul 28, 17 11:36 AM

I want Chicago back, he was always watching the chat and moderating in a timely matter, also has very nice and positive attitude. Makes the chat room a lot better!

F12B Sep 08, 17 8:35 PM

We Want Chicago777 Back! He's always helpful, and should be returned to his rightful red status.

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