@kroyrunner nearly 600k in one month Tim, congrats! Really inspirational & I hope you're thinking about coming out with a new DVD. I'm sure you already know it'll blow up in sales when you do.

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wannabestocktrader Oct 11, 17 6:06 PM

Good work! Make sure to take it slow and steady and keep on studying.

MikeMcD Oct 11, 17 6:51 PM

Good first trade! Good luck on your journey & don't get disheartened when you lose. I just started too & I feel like I learn the most off of my losses because I'm better prepared when situations present themselves in the future.

DevDevy Oct 11, 17 7:06 PM

Thanks! Best of lucks to you guys as well.

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MikeMcD Oct 11, 17 6:53 PM

That's good. I've experienced that as well - cutting losses at the exact bottom. But you know what.. that won't always be the case. Don't let this one situation stray you from your plan becuase next time it may keep dropping & you'll be proud of yourself for cuttin when you did.

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russbakr Jun 28, 17 9:29 PM

You know what you did wrong. That's the important thing. Well that and the hope you don't repeat the same mistake.

MikeMcD Jun 28, 17 11:18 PM

I did the same thing with $AVEO. I just started trading too & entered at 1.79.. went up to 2.05 & I kept thinking (hoping/wishing) it'll go higher, 4 minutes later I'm seeling at 1.90. Every mistake realized makes you that much better the next time though. Good luck!

Jeff_N_Kate Jun 29, 17 9:03 AM

Learning alot from real trading. So far small Profits and small losses. The learning is pricless.

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natetrades16 Jun 21, 17 9:08 AM

Make sure to cut losses quicker especially with super fast moving stocks like DCTH.

Braves_57 Jun 26, 17 2:54 PM

thank you. maybe next time I'l be more aggressive and hold till the spike the following morning, which would've at least kept me in the green.

MikeMcD Jun 26, 17 11:42 PM

My first trade was on DCTH too last week. Lost nearly 200 bucks even though been studying for nearly a year. It's crazy how much emotions play a part come game time. Good luck on your journey!

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SouthDwn Jul 31, 17 4:44 PM

great words Roland. Thanks! Your track record is very inspiring! I know you're hearing that a lot these days and it is damn well deserved. Great work! Hope to meet you at the summit in Orlando!

ZachR Nov 29, 17 1:27 PM

Adapt to the market and never stop learning.

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