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LegalPimp Jan 02, 17 6:10 PM

i have been reading a book called "the daily trading coach" and it said the exact same things you are saying. i am loving your daily recaps on your youtube channel. thanks for sharing!!!

Arussell125 Jan 16, 17 5:50 PM

That happened around sept this year

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alan316 Dec 07, 16 5:10 PM

well hate to see anyone quit, but if you need to get your head right, and restudy then you have to do what makes you ok with trading again. I also have lost only had a 1500.00 account brokers got alot, but my dumb mistakes caused that. so get you self right and hope you get back soon. God bless and be well! hope it all works out for ya.

Ebogey Dec 07, 16 5:48 PM

Sorry to hear of your troubles, If you really love trading study and paper trade until you get some money into your account. Then start small like 1k. I actually think that the PTD rule is there to protect us from over trading and losing our money. I've been a student for 2 yrs, just renewed my 3rd year and I was saying to myself today that I'm glad I'm under the PTD because I would be tempted to overtrade. Overtrading and going too big are recipes for disaster. Stick to it and take it slow. Bes

Trade4treats Dec 07, 16 8:55 PM

Thanks for sharing. I wish you a successful comeback!

Fox_Trader Dec 08, 16 4:56 AM

Take some study time_much needed time off !!! Then come back when you have a clear mind. It does work. And we all do lose at times, it's just a matter of realizing what was done wrong then learning from it. I have taken a few times two weeks off

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[TimAlerts] Thanks for today team ! It's been a good start for the week ...picked $854 from PZRX, picked $190 from HTBX and dropped ($44) from MDGS.... Good day at the office...good luck everyone and congrats to all walking away with green out (beer)

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