@Varomnia Just looking at one of Chuck Hughes 'videos -he's one of the best option pros ever!! check him out on youtube he's got great option strategies which minimize risk totally with your account size good idea profitably yours RB

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kroyrunner Jan 10, 16 11:38 PM

@Legendario you're right, my ideal play would be shorting a morning push risking off the 1.50 area. if this gaps down, i'm not sure i'll btoher with it

uzcuzz Jan 11, 16 11:14 AM

Im shorting NGL but I dont know where should I exit but i know my stop loss

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@tiagolopez6 listening today to an optons guy matt buckley and he pointed out that you eliminate emotions with discipline discipline allows you to know beforehand what some of your decisions are going to be thx

tiagolopez6 Jan 28, 16 7:08 PM

Awesome, tks, experience still needs to be gathered to understand what details come along with your discipline and you learn that making the mistake, Brett Steenbarger points out how emotions will always be there, is to understand the emotion you feel in the moment you feel it to possibly learn from it and convict yourself to try and not repeat the mistake.

tiagolopez6 Jan 28, 16 7:11 PM

Its not about eliminating emotion, its impossible to eliminate any kind of emotion, but to embrace it and use it in advantage, pros dont eliminate, they are in control so they dont "flip" when things dont go the way they need to, but the rush will always be there. Planning trades is the only way to have an edge, people just take this not to seriorsly and you know its difficult to be consistent. Take care!

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lastcall Jan 04, 16 12:00 PM

very good self appraisal Levi

JLLOYD30 Jan 04, 16 2:50 PM

Sounds like your mistake was not opening a account with SURETRADER. I am opening a account now. My app is under review as I type. Now way I will be letting PDT mess up my decision making.

tiagolopez6 Jan 04, 16 4:11 PM

Good insights, take in account psycology and emotions too! you will learn about yourself too in the process.

Levi Jan 12, 16 2:24 AM

@lastcall @tiagolopez6 Thank you guys. Am definitely really sure it is almost all emotions and psychology that leads to losses. @JLLOYD I agree, I have been thinking about this for some time, it does mess with ones head quite a bit. Have heard a lot about it and will definitely be looking in to Suretrader. Thanks!

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