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CreamTv Jan 18, 16 9:56 AM

@saturnus22 thanks for stopping by and yw

KShim Jan 18, 16 10:08 AM

@jcelliott90 If you use ToS, there is an option to show the float of every stock in your watchlist too. I have a watchlist completely devoted to stocks with under 10M float, but have more than 20K in Volume.

CreamTv Jan 18, 16 10:43 AM

this must be my most informative and popular post yet! Thanks for the support guys

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TraderH Jan 16, 16 12:16 AM

Watch ALL the video lessons at least twice. Yes all 1000+. Use the Category tags like wakko said. Take notes as you learn. Focus on the specific rules in each lesson.

StefanoUP Jan 16, 16 7:01 AM

I also subscibed recently (end of last year) and find all the material excellent. Use the categories as both colleagues suggested above :)

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lopez16 Jan 14, 16 12:22 PM

try it gives you $100k to paper trade. I haven't used it but I am almost sure that they will let you short

JLLOYD30 Jan 14, 16 3:55 PM

@lopez16 To me suretrader probably has the best demos because it actually shows you buying and selling shares little by little until your order is completed. Unlike TOS where it automatically buys once you come within .2 cents of the price

aspiring_mind Jan 14, 16 9:19 PM

Interactive Brokers will work, but you need to open an 10K account. I could be wrong, but I think its a 15-20min market delay for their simulated trading.

rogersthat Jan 16, 16 3:00 PM

Thanks for all information

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