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Krogzax Feb 08, 20 2:20 PM

Great read, thank you Chris. I am going to make a combination of dividend investing, option trading and daytrading. Want to make use of covered calls on my dividend stocks to boost my monthly income together with cash secured puts for monthly income and able to buy stocks i want to own cheaper then the current PPS. Options are not risky if you know what you are doing. Thats why i am only going to sell options and receive premium. Premium + dividends is a great way to build your capital.

ChrisJackson Feb 09, 20 12:42 PM

@Krogzax Definitely! Many do not trade options for the mere fact they don't understand them. Very powerful stuff that they can bring! Feel free to follow me! Good luck!

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Do you wonder how to get started correctly in the stock market investing world? Want to know how to collect cash monthly?? In this video, I explain how to sell premium and act like an insurance company for stocks. With selling PUTS, you can actually collect cash without ever owning the shares of a company. 📌Valuable Tips: ✔️Sell Premium or Options when IV is high ✔️Sell PUTS on stocks that you are already interested in and want to own ✔️Sell within 30 to 45 days until expiration for best THETA decay. ✔️Selling premium is CASH FLOW!!! ✔️Delta's of 20 to 30 is ideal for the best probability of success and premium amounts! #stocks #premium #options #amzn

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