How much did everyone make on TLRY $TOPS $CYDY today?

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AHaedt Apr 01, 4:04 PM

Been trading this since late last year. 2000 shares in at 0.31 out at 0.65. Then 200 shares at 1.02 and 0.95. Was going to add another 1000 shares on 'sell off Friday' but the news came out and I missed out. I never chase, so I let it go. Then boom! Oh well. Sold 100 at $2.97 and am holding the other 100.

jindubaraich Nov 28, 2:57 PM

Bought Tim’s million master ok. But very disappointed.can somebody help.

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$TXMD - Bought 100 @ $5.84 - Sold @ $6.58. My first successful trading after several weeks of study. Thanks TIM.

AHaedt Aug 10, 18 3:22 PM

FDA just approved Annovera. Trading halted! press releas & CC coming monday!

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[TimAlerts] $RDNT Earnings winner w/increased guidance, bought on dip at 6.83. Has a history of moving quick. Looking to sell at 7.15-7.20 today or tomorrow depending on price action.

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