How much did everyone make on TLRY $TOPS $CYDY today?

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NHOptimist Mar 30, 2:19 PM

Bought 1,750 shares @ .3999 and sold 1,500 @ .5828 for $174 or 24.28% plus still holding 250 shares worth another $120. Still a newbie and I was undecided on selling the entire position. After selling 1,500 as a round trip trade, I will likely hold the remaining 250 shares overnight. I would consider selling today but I don't want to trigger another round trip trade.

BarryWixson Mar 30, 3:42 PM

@timothysykes in at .29 out at .44 on $TOPS. Only made 98.00 and that's ok. I've been reducing position size to focus on consistency. I was prepared with a plan and executed because I was prepared and followed the rules :)

bralphs10 Mar 30, 11:44 PM

I made $6600 today on CYDY! almost $4400 on an overnight position and sold right away in the morning missing a ton of profits. Then got redemption with the panic and made another $2250 dip buying the panic!

AHaedt Apr 01, 4:04 PM

Been trading this since late last year. 2000 shares in at 0.31 out at 0.65. Then 200 shares at 1.02 and 0.95. Was going to add another 1000 shares on 'sell off Friday' but the news came out and I missed out. I never chase, so I let it go. Then boom! Oh well. Sold 100 at $2.97 and am holding the other 100.

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Just waking up, didn't feel great when I woke up at 6am so I slept in, I'll admit it as I don't want to get sick in these crazy times, now I feel solid thankfully, congrats to everyone who banked on $CYDY $TOPS really proud of so many of you!

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Finally! My Friday Trading Recap of $TOPS and SINT is Here! My new goal is to add more Profitly videos to archive my trades to help with my transparency!

billydpc Mar 30, 11:45 AM

Good Recap -- I have been watching $TOPS today

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