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KDJourney Jul 26, 20 1:58 PM

Had a Friday commitment ~ thanks for posting the webinar ~ insightful and helpful!

Windwalzer Jul 31, 20 12:39 AM

I was happy to be there in real time, going over it a second time helps also. Thank you.

dumbtrades Sep 09, 20 9:43 AM

i am gonna take it at my own pace and do it my own way while trading these patterns and also studying my ass off

mitnick2 Feb 17, 22 7:56 PM

Love the motivational, failure, as well as success and personal stories. Thank you @timothysykes what is the article by the way that you mention at the end @1hr42min?

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So $GENE got SEC frozen from further trading while having their Patent pending investigated for credibility over the weekend and beyond as I understand it.... hopefully, all shall checkout kosher like salt from a Comet's tail on this Supernova to be continued.....

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Like $GENE the other day, it didnt deserve to go to $10 , that was a short squeeze and now the stock is halted, late longs got crushed too, but first up it was shorts and I heard of losses of $200k ...such a waste...just don't short first green days on low float stocks, why is that so hard to remember?

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danadanko Jul 21, 20 9:05 PM

@AntoneD83 please if you can give guidance what services are they ? I don’t want to buy something advanced level I want something like you said to get prepared for open market .

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Well I gotta say that I've had 3 good trading days in a row, not that I'm saying I'm now ready for the big leagues but I'm definitely getting started down the right path. Monday I had to control the degenerate trader in me and took a small loss after several attempts at ANTE, managed to finish green on the day by just a little. Tuesday was a better day, took a couple of small losses when the trades didn't go the way I wanted and a couple of small wins that did. Finished just barely red on the day but it was full of great lessons and trades. Now for today, my first trade was a hold from Tuesday that didn't gap or move upon the open so I cut losses very quick. Then came $GENE and GAXY. caught the spike on both but got scared out of $GENE too early probably because of my previous bad trades that went south from holding too long. But I got a nice little single on both. About 30 minutes later I was going to do a little side work and while driving my phone was blowing up with alerts. While sitting at a red light I decided to check on the last couple of those and @timothysykes was going on about $GENE still going. So I open my Etrade account at this incredibly long red light and look in on it. Decided to come out of retirement and give it another go but since it was already up $1 over where I'd sold before cautiously only took half of my previous position in the 4.30's. Checking in on the trade at stop signs and red lights probably helped me hold it as long as I did the second time because at any small dip down I was planning to take profits. When I arrived at my destination I got the small dip from $5 to $4.90 and locked in my gains before getting the all day job done. All said and done it was a huge day on my very small position sizing and small account. Right now I'm more focused on learning the process and rules than getting rich. I've already had 1 blow up from making stupid decisions so we're taking it slow this time to do it right!

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