Aceyducey56 Sep 21, 21 1:00 AM

Hi Jack. I’m still only at the paper trading stage until I get a better grasp of the market. But I did have a successful paper trade yesterday of 0.07 cents on CRVS. I was pleased that I did have a gain on this stock which I sold for $5.10. However it eventually closed at $5.45. I can see how a trader msg hang in there hoping to get a bigger gain then my 0.07 cents compared to a 0.43 cents profit. But with this in mind I’m definitely happy that I had a gain and not a loss. I stick to my re

JackR Sep 21, 21 1:12 AM

@Aceyducey56 Hi. Nice mindset. Keep it up. I know whenever I size down, the greediness annoys me. I think I cannot be success with small positions. I know this is not good. I need more practice.

Aceyducey56 Sep 21, 21 1:16 AM

I will only be trading with a small capital of less than US $5k so I will have to be very disciplined and have my entry and exit amounts written down before I trade. I look forward to hearing if your success with a good trading habit.

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Hi there, I'm new in here. I'm located in Australia. I'm still in the process of getting my brokerage account with Interactive Brokers set ups and funded. I look forward to a patient journey along the road to being a successful day trader. So lots of study to do

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LETSWIN16 Nov 29, 22 12:45 AM

great story jack. you had a desire and faith. thats why you did'nt give up. that is a true uncle who supported you and gave you good advice .I am studying hard because one day im going to reach my goal.thanks again for sharing your story.

Garry19 May 29, 9:30 AM

@Jackaroo Clearly this was about 3-31/2 yrs ago. Looks to me like a little confidence of someone believing in you can make all the difference in the world. Congrats on your success Jack! I truly believe we all have it in us & it just takes hard work & 1 person believing in you & believing in yourself. Your uncle is a great man.

redcandles Jun 04, 11:31 PM

In the same boat. My dad doesn't believe this is going to work. He's seen me putting thousands and thousands of hours studying the market every chance I get. He's straight up told me that this will never work and that I will fail. The only way to fail is to stop. That will never happen. At the same time, it's time to put the hammer down. I finally have the $ to trade with again, it's go time!

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ATXTrader Jun 03, 21 12:35 PM

good points in this post. I'm gonna listen and apply to myself. thanks for spending the time to post.

Aceyducey56 Sep 17, 21 1:22 PM

Congratulations - a great achievement indeed.

Azeem Oct 31, 21 5:50 PM

thanks bro for this advice . this changed my trading game forever . thanks so so so so much!

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How much did everyone make on TLRY $TOPS $CYDY today?

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Beerock Mar 30, 20 11:44 PM

I made $6600 today on CYDY! almost $4400 on an overnight position and sold right away in the morning missing a ton of profits. Then got redemption with the panic and made another $2250 dip buying the panic!

AHaedt Apr 01, 20 4:04 PM

Been trading this since late last year. 2000 shares in at 0.31 out at 0.65. Then 200 shares at 1.02 and 0.95. Was going to add another 1000 shares on 'sell off Friday' but the news came out and I missed out. I never chase, so I let it go. Then boom! Oh well. Sold 100 at $2.97 and am holding the other 100.

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