@LubosV You may very well be right. The way the price trended back up right before the close seems like it may go higher Monday. I just decided to lock in gains and be ready Monday morning if it runs.

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@AppraiserOne Hey! I'm studying tims guide and like other opinions. Can you email me ? I just want to figure out how the whole thing works! Any thing you can tell me will help me so much!

AppraiserOne Jul 28, 17 7:01 PM

I would start by going through all or as much of Tim's materials as you can for the first month or two before making any trades. Intentionally keep your positions small for at least the first 9-12 months. Cut losses quickly if the trade goes against you. Don't worry about how you feel or what others may think - just cut losses quickly. Sometimes the price will turn around and go back up but most of the time the price will go down. Do not blindly follow anyone's trades. This goes for Tim's trade

AppraiserOne Jul 28, 17 7:10 PM

Also, I got a lot out of reading several books such as: An American Hedge Fund by Tim, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, The Psychology of Trading and Momo Traders. All are really good. I think they help put you in the proper mind set and understand strategies and techniques. Momo Traders interviews 10 very successful traders and it was very helpful. Let me know if you have any more questions. Hope this helps!

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AnneMarita Oct 25, 17 7:07 PM

Most people are completely clueless of our real life "Matrix". The lie that we live in goes so deep that those who have not lived the life witnessing it, don't ever believe it. After living on different continents, building businesses dealing with politicians, witnessing doctors coming up with cancer cure just to have FDA shut them down....I feel for those who still think that they learn about the world and life and get the truth by watching TV and the news....

battleground Jan 13, 18 2:33 PM

I thought I tried it all. Yes these stocks have a curve alright. I learned all kinds of trades and professions, but this I get hung up on some little points. I'm going focus on 1 or 2 strategies and get them down then expand. Thanks for the post

battleground Oct 07, 22 5:21 PM

Trading became easy, the lesson of focusing on a couple styles was right, have two books on it now, Trucker to Trader, and Microtrading both on kindle app. also trucker to trader 2 will be out soon

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