kobayashimaru Sep 08, 18 2:43 PM

You are not alone my friend, we all have done it and most likely will do it again in the future.

battleground Sep 08, 18 3:16 PM

Yea I sold as it began trending down and put buy at penny lower went for mri then forgot to recheck I had the shares bought back. Was a mess hit almost 200% higher then where I had been in it..ugh but I'm not mad I sold and followed rules, only mad I didn't follow up

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StevieW Jan 15, 18 4:31 PM

@Torkers Oversold patterns gave me the confidence and consistency that I needed to regain the capital I needed to explore and test these higher risk, day trading strategies. www.jasonbondpicks.com if you want to check it out. Good luck!

Torkers Jan 15, 18 5:06 PM

@JKelly I do alot of swing trading but im not especially good at that - but havnt read about IT much either so theres something i will definitiy look more into. Im good at buying panics And dips - so my strategy

Torkers Jan 15, 18 5:07 PM

@JKelly is that right now - thanks for your reply:)

Torkers Jan 16, 18 2:47 AM

@vmunz Ty very much - You too!

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STicker Aug 30, 17 8:16 AM

what an awesome post! thanks for sharing!

AnneMarita Oct 25, 17 7:07 PM

Most people are completely clueless of our real life "Matrix". The lie that we live in goes so deep that those who have not lived the life witnessing it, don't ever believe it. After living on different continents, building businesses dealing with politicians, witnessing doctors coming up with cancer cure just to have FDA shut them down....I feel for those who still think that they learn about the world and life and get the truth by watching TV and the news....

battleground Jan 13, 18 2:33 PM

I thought I tried it all. Yes these stocks have a curve alright. I learned all kinds of trades and professions, but this I get hung up on some little points. I'm going focus on 1 or 2 strategies and get them down then expand. Thanks for the post

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