RichardKnox Dec 26, 22 1:30 PM

In matters of writing, sometimes examples help me. It inspires and gives fresh ideas for writing. But sometimes even that can't help, especially if I get a new kind of assignment. Now I'm preparing the law school personal statement and it turned out to be a challenge But it's great that I found a reliable service that immediately took up the task.

Iunfa Mar 12, 23 2:32 PM

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Krogzax Feb 08, 20 2:20 PM

Great read, thank you Chris. I am going to make a combination of dividend investing, option trading and daytrading. Want to make use of covered calls on my dividend stocks to boost my monthly income together with cash secured puts for monthly income and able to buy stocks i want to own cheaper then the current PPS. Options are not risky if you know what you are doing. Thats why i am only going to sell options and receive premium. Premium + dividends is a great way to build your capital.

ChrisJackson Feb 09, 20 12:42 PM

@Krogzax Definitely! Many do not trade options for the mere fact they don't understand them. Very powerful stuff that they can bring! Feel free to follow me! Good luck!

ScottWright Feb 23, 22 12:24 PM

The majority of the stock market loses, especially penny stocks. I want to skip the learning curve that it takes to master these and make you money right off the bat. You can be accruing profits the first day if you choose the site for best payout pokies.. Money is just a tool to me but I still want to make money when I trade or invest in anything. If there is a better tool thats will do it faster or more effectively I will use it.

TonyHOrtega Apr 18, 23 3:09 AM

There are several apps available that claim to make it easier for you to generate money. since the author of this article covers a wide range of game-related subjects. If you've been seeking for a quick and safe gaming environment, sign up with Cocoa Casino right away to benefit from everything they have to offer. For the full Cocoa Casino Review, go visit You shouldn't worry about your privacy or the security of your data because the g

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vootz77 Feb 25, 18 1:49 PM

... and again excellent post - thx bro =D

SKYisDLimit Feb 25, 18 3:02 PM

You speak the truth... Well Said!

ScottWright Feb 17, 22 6:04 AM

You've well explained the trading all about it's issues. Trading is one of the few professions where a majority of your active career will be spent away from the action. The poker mindset is something that every poker player will have to go through. However, psychology makes up about 90% of trading results for certain and from this site you can get to know how many lines I should play on a slot machine. The game is har

LukeMaitland May 06, 22 7:19 AM

Scalpers are people who buy tickets for an event and then sell them on at a higher price. Scalpers can make a lot of money by buying up all the tickets to an event and selling them on at a higher price.

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ScottWright Feb 25, 22 7:50 AM

This is a trusted academic solution provider for thousands of students in the US, UK and beyond. You offer expert help in a wide range of fields with the sole aim of providing a platform for clients to receive papers for sale at site there. Our team offers professional writing assistance to students around the globe. With our vast pool of qualified and experienced writers, we’ll find someone to complete your paper today.

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