@Rieumont Hi Ariel I have talked to you on twitter, where we were discussing how I could learn from you. You told me you will start posting youtube videos though not in English. I am reading from your wall you sending alerts, ok I don't have an issue with this but how can I learn from you. I am still interested to know how you pick stocks, possibly alerts as well. Thank you.

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@Rieumont - can you tell me what stochastics chart setting you use for your full stochastics chart? Thanks, your screen shots are helpful

Dragonclad Oct 18, 15 12:18 PM

The technical analysis was sound, thats been my new focus, nice post!

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@CalvinMcCaw I will take my time to show you pictures sending an alert to purchase this company to two friends one living in LA, his name is Adrian and a girl named Jamie, these photos display our conversations the day before, ie the day I bought FPRX. If that is not enough to convince someone like you, I think you're going to have to sit and watch the next move, good luck with your business buddy.

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CalvinMcCaw Oct 17, 15 12:52 AM

Look Ariel no need to get offended, I see a lot of fake people out there on the internet so don't blame me for being skeptical. Now, I do believe your trade is legit and CONGRATS on making a stunning 63% on it!! All I was wondering was why did you even send them this alert? I am still new and just learning. I just couldn't find a catalyst for this stock on that day. The next day it obviously spiked due to news, but I'm just wondering how did you know it would spike?

Alesitus Jan 01, 16 6:44 PM

Ariel was a bit lucky on this stock trade, but nevertheless he is a professional trader. A nice Sniper that you should learn from him.

CalvinMcCaw Jan 01, 16 7:28 PM

I still don't see his reason for getting on on this stock. It looks like a good guess to me, especially since he isn't even explaining why he "sniped" FPRX

Alesitus Jan 01, 16 8:47 PM

You have to contact him for him to show you. His strategy works, although you have to practice like all strategies. You can see in the pictures he uses stochastics to base his entries.

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@Rieumont Hey Ariel, kinda curious what was your reason for getting in at $17.07 on FPRX? None of your trades are verified either, it's just hard to believe you really profited on this trade.

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