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beheracts Oct 04, 17 8:47 AM

Hey Bob. Thanks for the watchlist. I couldnt guess why MTBC dipping PM. Thoughts?

IceMan14 Oct 04, 17 10:37 AM

"Several more years to run" Bob I think that prediction is too ambitious, most top hedgies wouldn't even dare predict something like that. Other then that you're on point, great stuff as always.

Turbobob Oct 04, 17 3:44 PM

Well, I have been writing about the bull market continuing for over the the alst 2 years if yo ugo back and look at my posts. It is a secular bull market and they last a long long time. Time will prove if I am right or not. But at least I make my position clear and can be judged on my record.

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beheracts Sep 28, 17 8:15 PM

Nice. I entered with the first pop at 2.17 and when it tanked I felt to average down at 2.04 but could not because of the Day trade limitations. Stock broke the long term resistance of 2.04sh and gave me more confidence to stay long and in fact overnight. It may go to 3 or above but probably need to swing further till the actual conference.

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