Received 18 Karmas
Angel_ Apr 16, 18 3:59 PM

@papajohn Thank you for your honest and humble analysis of your situation. Glad to be on this journey with people like you.

KenKwan Apr 19, 18 5:39 PM

Kudos to you. I probably would have quit seeing such a drawdown. Thanks for sharing your fighting mentality!

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Clovis May 23, 18 9:31 PM

Wow, I love the detailed information here...Thank you and you will make the money back plus plus ;)

papajohn May 23, 18 10:49 PM

@Clovis yep for sure. I already have. I’m at new all time highs now.

Clovis May 24, 18 8:28 AM

Awesome! I just need to turn my chart around like you

SKYisDLimit May 24, 18 8:54 AM

trust me when I say be patient, I learn that I was overtrading just to trade, I was making charts to look like I wanted them to look and not allow the truth to be told. I spent about 100hrs just watch the tim video's and just stop trading. I also sold all my stock at a neg or maybe a small gain, but mostly at a neg. Hard to see that money go down the drain. Study and find your style. most of all do not follow or chase the chat rooms picks. 99.9% of the time they ae in the stock that they mentio

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MountainTipTr8r Feb 04, 20 5:39 PM

I know this is 2 years old but thank you John ! Looking forward to Tradecaster

Integra Oct 11, 20 4:01 AM

Great value, thanks!

Hous1937 Aug 24, 23 3:37 AM

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karliesmith56 Oct 03, 23 3:38 AM

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TheFirstLadyOfTea Jan 21, 18 7:16 PM

I think you are doing just fine...maybe a bit earlier to test other setups?...Your current monthly profits are very impressive. Even if you stay with this setup for few months, your account would be much bigger....Once you reach something like 70K or 100k, you will have much more room for trial & errors...Don't know how long the bull market will last...seems 2018 is still bullish...or hope so...keep it coming!!!!

papajohn Jan 21, 18 7:22 PM

Thanks. I will definitely keep doing what's been working, I just see a lot of other opportunities for big profits and would like to start taking advantage of some of those.

joshkhanimov Jan 23, 18 6:07 PM

@papajohn can i ask what scanner you use or software to track otc multi day breakouts. i can seem to find anything to track otc

papajohn Jan 23, 18 6:16 PM

I use StocksToTrade

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papajohn Jan 17, 18 6:46 PM

@huperauxano the R-value is just the ratio of my average win to my average loss. I’m not ready to talk about the Kelly percent yet, I don’t want to lead anyone down the wrong path there.

unterron Jan 22, 18 10:44 PM

Did you make you make that spreadsheet?

papajohn Jan 22, 18 11:20 PM

@unterron yes I made my spreadsheets I use for analyzing my plays.

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CrowofShortClan Jan 07, 18 9:37 PM

@papajohn i used you as an example to my parents as to how trading is risky but your turned around almost a full year of profits in around a months time. Nice work and good trading!

ppx Jan 11, 18 3:18 PM

Congrats, amazing turnaround :)

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ThomasLegend Dec 30, 17 10:02 PM

This is amazing. I totally agree that focusing on one pattern is the KEY to success alongside cutting losses in time. Hope 2018 will be a gamechange for you!

Kody Dec 30, 17 10:10 PM

incredible turnaround@

dmatin Jan 01, 18 11:07 AM

Insane. Good luck man!

RickyWalker Oct 21, 22 7:49 AM

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