[TimAlerts] Anyone knows what triggered that downfall on RGSE arround 15:41 yesterday ?


@Turbobob Hello, I would like to ask you ,if you think that a DAS pro using Hotkeys for trade executions + STT for charting,scanning and news , is good combo for trading ,at least untill STT imports suretrader and hotkeys ? What is your oppinion? Thank you!

Turbobob Jul 07, 16 5:40 PM

That's exactly what I use....

arpddm Jul 07, 16 5:58 PM

Thank you and also for your videos that you post !

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Mark_Newman Mar 31, 16 5:04 AM

Contact there support team, My problem is chart lagging which has cost me money as i'm in a trade looking at the chart and don't realise that the chart is between 4-9 mins behind. It seems to work for a while then starts to lag. I'm in Australia and have been told that time zone differences my be a cause. Its hard to swallow getting charged for a service that is not working and I have had trouble with STT for 3 weeks know. Lets hope the fix these bugs/issues quickly otherwise I will have to canc

arpddm Mar 31, 16 5:28 AM

same here, Mark

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@Ike Hello,mate! Can you give some tips and advice on platform software prefered? And maybe about a starting broker for people with small starting cash amount? Thank you for your blog posts! Very inspiring! :)

Ike Nov 18, 15 12:16 AM

The only broker I use is Interactive Brokers and it is ideal for small accounts because the commission is extremely low if you are using a small amount of shares. The only problem if you are in the U.S. is the Pattern Day Trader Rule if you have less than $25k. Suretrader is one way to avoid that rule so make sure you look in to that option too

arpddm Nov 18, 15 3:16 AM

Thank you! And what about the software platform you use? IB Trader Workstation or ?

Ike Nov 18, 15 7:44 AM

Yup, Trader Work Station

dfrias Nov 18, 15 10:26 AM

@lke hey how much are commission's on interactive brokers?

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