$BIOL back to the .83s, glad I sold when it failed to break day high convincingly, that rule has saved me more time than the number of Snoopy shirts owned by Grittani (a lot)

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$1,275 profit BIOL Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying the little dip off the highs on this new ventilator play, I think it can retest the highs or possibly breakout, goal is to sell in the .90s

Exit comments: Testing day highs but not breaking out convincingly so not gonna risk it, already nice profit for me, now nearly $4k on the day so I'm happy

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Maxx2020 Apr 08, 10:30 PM

Travers-I got it thank you

Windwalzer Apr 09, 11:06 AM

Is this a stair step pattern? Thank you.

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Frustrating trading day today. Lost on 3 trades. I hit one of my rules to walk away. 3 red trades. 2 were on MBRX that were both small until the 2nd trade had a rug pull. Lost an extra 30$ on that one for no damn reason. I started watching $BIOL while $mbrx was tanking. Cut your trades that aren't going your way. Also, wait for the price action to come to you. I hopped in $mbrx above VWAP and it failed to break out 4 times. I should have cut it then. Then I decided to trade the breaking news about ventilators on $biol and chased the price up thinking it would keep going. I should have cut my losses on that one also. I lost an additional 10-15$

fastdounut Apr 08, 12:16 PM

Gave back my profits on $aker on these 3 trades. sucks.

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