$1,504 profit TRUG Long Stock

Entry comments: Premarket AI news spiker https://tim.ly/3PtnCN6 with a low float, lets see if it can keep going, news just broke so iits moving fast

Exit comments: Absolutely beautiful premarket runner, taking my solid profit and not getting greedy, congrats to all early birds, you REALLLY need to use http://tim.ly/breaking3 as they alerted it first!

George_AI Mar 20, 9:51 AM

what stop loss did you use on entry?

ScottB Mar 20, 10:50 AM

Sir, I was a MMP student in 2018 and currently a lifetime DIT member. I have most of your material in my account & studied it. Currently, I've fallen & have given back all my gains from the beginning of the year due to many reasons, but mostly not cutting soon enough. I'd like to review your recent trades to remind myself what cutting losses as a professional looks like and cannot see your trades. Is there a way to do so? Thanks.

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ScottB Oct 18, 19 7:49 AM

Be the observer. Never heard of this. Intelligent.

AnakManis Nov 21, 19 12:19 PM

So that's what it's called, "the observer." I've been doing that every time I trade. "It's gonna, drop, it's gonna drop." Or "F**K you're trapped, cut loss quick!!"

Crazey_Canuck Feb 06, 21 10:37 PM

Awesome Kyle I have 2 of his books and I am reading Daily trading coach right now. Thanks Kyle I have been working with that technique in all aspects of my life.

StockDiver Jun 14, 21 7:19 AM

Great Point of view Kyle, Thanks

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