$51 profit DECN Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought this recent runner midday panic

Exit comments: Weak bounce I'm out, definitely overtrading, gotta be more disciplined

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garyalpha Mar 19, 12:44 PM

Us too. Stopped out. Cut our losses. On to the next!

Windwalzer Mar 23, 9:40 PM

This looks like a very fast trade. It went up, just not fast enough for you? So it was an uptrend not a spike then? Thank you very much.

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Full blow stock market crash day today, possible bounve I'd say too but I'm not taking positions on that just yet, newbies and fakes have been getting blown apart, cash is also a position and my overnight position in $DECN is gapping up nicely too, contrary to people saying you can't predict the market we are 100% perfectly prepared for this market and banking...congrats to $INO longs too

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