In case you don't realize how bad it is for companies right now, here's a crazy quote from $JBLU The company called the financial losses “stunning." “Last year on a typical day in March we took in about $22 million from bookings and ancillary fees. Throughout this March, our sales have fallen sharply and in the last several days we have taken in an average of less than $4 million per day while also issuing over $20 million per day of credits to customers for canceled bookings," JetBlue said.

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[TimAlerts] $JBLU Virgin America shares surge on report it has takeover bids from JetBlue, Alaska Air


[TimAlerts] With all the warnings of holiday travel, for those that like to short stocks, may be good to watch AAL $DAL $UAL $JBLU see if warnings effects their stock price. As they have all been pumping up holiday travel.


[SuperAlerts] and $JBLU would really by the only merger worth while for SWA. Again no news just insider rumors and instinct, do not trade on that. Worth a watch


[SuperAlerts] $JBLU tracking back upward. No real news. I watch this stock simply because to the various merger rumors that are floating through the industry. The M.F. wrote about how another SWA merger makes no sense and I agree. The only interesting side bar to that is that in reading the FA and Pilot contract proposals that were voted down, there was a lot of language that would make it easier for SWA to merger labor groups in the future. This is not news. Just a reason to keep an eye on the stock and

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