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suhwateeze Sep 30, 19 10:47 AM

Failed 1 days spikers are not dip buys. An important takeaway from one of your previous videos. Lesson repeats itself multiple times

KDJourney Oct 03, 19 5:54 PM

Thanks for the webinar . . . great the first time . . . better the second (along with the cow)!

Grimes Oct 07, 19 9:46 PM

good stuff

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wildwes Aug 19, 19 8:16 PM

niiiiiice!!! Thanks for the tips on catalysts for a short squeeze

redwagonrider Sep 01, 19 3:05 PM

narrow down the risk reward. understand the warnings in your emotions. check the insider shares.

tayhaoxia Mar 09, 7:57 AM

need to go for plays where there are hot sector

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redwagonrider Aug 31, 19 4:43 PM

Focus on the hottest stocks and thou shalt prosper? Multiday runners and volume. remember to focus on price action at the end of the day for indicators if a stock is good to hold overnight.

tayhaoxia Mar 10, 5:59 AM

always look for stocks which are multi day runner and able to hold support at key levels this can mean a short squeeze or a new spike

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