Nice job on the Steady Trade Podcast. I can totally relate to everything you said about the fidgeting, restlessness, focusing ect while trying to study.I stared at the Level 2 DVDs all day today til my head was spinning..Looking forward to meeting you in Orlando!

LizLele Jul 22, 19 8:33 PM

Haha awesome! It's good to not be alone! lol and heeeeyy girl power lol

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@Jackaroo Do you trade limit/stop orders or market orders?

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markbhenry77 May 07, 19 8:50 AM

Congrats on the interview with Tim!!

hennipen May 08, 19 12:33 PM

Nice job on the interview w Tim and the Podcast!

ShipBuilder May 08, 19 2:17 PM

great podcast! I also learn quicker being among ppl; not so easy doing this lone wolf way. But congrats on your understanding of the market and your hard won profits!

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