@Jackaroo Do you trade limit/stop orders or market orders?

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hennipen May 08, 12:33 PM

Nice job on the interview w Tim and the Podcast!

ShipBuilder May 08, 2:17 PM

great podcast! I also learn quicker being among ppl; not so easy doing this lone wolf way. But congrats on your understanding of the market and your hard won profits!

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Hi Jamil, I just read The Complete Penny Stock did a great job...most of the time I would forget that you were the author, because it read just like Tim was writing it. I do have one question, regarding the Average True Range, and its use in the Ninja Turtle Risk Management equation. I keep getting an ATR of something like .07 on a $7 stock, which in turn makes my position size WAY over my equity. See Pictures. Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?

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Hows your day going guys?

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jackfinn Mar 11, 1:59 PM

Going great Tim, thank you for the MANY hours of DVD's, Video lessons, Webinars, ect. that help so much every day.

markbhenry77 Mar 11, 2:13 PM

kidding mostly...woke up late and missed the few spikes that were available...not seeing any patterns I recognize, so I didn't move on anything.

fznessa Mar 11, 9:29 PM

Joined last week, so far your team still hasn't been able to send me text alert, like SKYS you trade today etc, disappointed by your customer service

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ShortNSqueeze May 16, 12:14 AM

Thanks, read twice and watched the video. Never give up, the consequences are too high!

TonyG1 Jun 15, 4:28 PM

Powerful, Powerful, Powerful testimony as well as extremely useful nuggets of wisdom from a very successful as well as humble trader. Hope to meet u one Day Mate. Keep up the Good Work and GOD Bless!!!

Kriminator Aug 18, 6:21 PM

This post inspires me, I've lost this past 6 months getting to know who I am as a trader. I'm relieved to know this journey has light at the end of the tunnel.

davidkolton Sep 17, 1:11 PM

Amazing stuff! Thank you for sharing Dom!

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