Hi ! I'm flattered that you selected me as one to follow. I'm definitely not successful yet, but learning. Just curious as to what caused you to choose me? Cheers, Fay

ali_mahlstedt Sep 23, 20 11:12 PM

Hi there, just looking for other women to connect with who are on the same journey 🙂 Glad I came across your profile. I’m on week five and prior to this had thought bulls and bears were just animals on the planet hahaha it’s been quite an awakening to say the least 😂

mslady Sep 23, 20 11:31 PM

I did know that bears and bulls were somehow linked to Wall Street but for the life of me, I couldnt remember which represented a strong market and which was the opposite. Quite an awakening,indeed!! I knew NOTHING about trading, I think I had pandemic dementia when Insaw a clio of Tim on the Steve Harvey show and the next thing I knew I up and applied to be a student.LOL.

ali_mahlstedt Sep 29, 20 11:56 AM

@mslady Sorry for the delayed response. That's awesome, happy to be connected with you!

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