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1EZTrades Jan 20, 6:36 PM

Just remember, you must learn how to lose before you can win. Tim G blew up his account SEVERAL times before becoming profitable. Keep at it brotha. Cut down position size, stick to your plan, and most importantly, cut losses quickly and move on. Learn from your mistakes.

1AltonDinger Jan 22, 7:26 AM

Yes, it hurts to lose. But, I believe that you are building your trading character and wisdom. I have learned from Tim.I only use about 10% of my portfolio to stop the pain.

2Mpalex Jan 22, 4:23 PM

It's not a loss if you learn from it, but tuition.

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@kroyrunner hey, Tim. I just bought Trading Tickers, and noticed you were using E*TRADE in your latest trade upload. Have any of your ideal brokers changed?

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1AMartin97 Jan 01, 7:16 AM

Thanks a lot! I love the dvd by the way! 3rd time watching it

1DBHILL Jan 01, 9:18 AM

I'm based in the uk.. Do you know any brokers of the same standard I could use here please? All the share dealing platforms are pretty naff here TBH.

1JKelly Jan 06, 11:44 PM

@DBHILL TradeZero comes highly recommended from Dux. They clear through Vision too. Good borrows

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