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EZTrades Jan 20, 18 6:36 PM

Just remember, you must learn how to lose before you can win. Tim G blew up his account SEVERAL times before becoming profitable. Keep at it brotha. Cut down position size, stick to your plan, and most importantly, cut losses quickly and move on. Learn from your mistakes.

AltonDinger Jan 22, 18 7:26 AM

Yes, it hurts to lose. But, I believe that you are building your trading character and wisdom. I have learned from Tim.I only use about 10% of my portfolio to stop the pain.

Mpalex Jan 22, 18 4:23 PM

It's not a loss if you learn from it, but tuition.

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I appreciate you sharing. Thank you.

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StevieW Jan 15, 18 5:31 PM

@Torkers Oversold patterns gave me the confidence and consistency that I needed to regain the capital I needed to explore and test these higher risk, day trading strategies. if you want to check it out. Good luck!

Torkers Jan 15, 18 6:06 PM

@JKelly I do alot of swing trading but im not especially good at that - but havnt read about IT much either so theres something i will definitiy look more into. Im good at buying panics And dips - so my strategy

Torkers Jan 15, 18 6:07 PM

@JKelly is that right now - thanks for your reply:)

Torkers Jan 16, 18 3:47 AM

@vmunz Ty very much - You too!

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