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penny_WISE Jan 27, 18 5:35 PM

good stuff! I know we are personally trying the OTC breakouts as one of a couple of strategies to see what works for us. Your insight has been very helpful to add to what we're learning from the dvds. I agree though, we all have to study and figure out what works for us! Congrats again on your rebound!

Hafid Jan 27, 18 8:07 PM

As always, great advice bro!

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papajohn Jan 17, 18 6:46 PM

@huperauxano the R-value is just the ratio of my average win to my average loss. I’m not ready to talk about the Kelly percent yet, I don’t want to lead anyone down the wrong path there.

unterron Jan 22, 18 10:44 PM

Did you make you make that spreadsheet?

papajohn Jan 22, 18 11:20 PM

@unterron yes I made my spreadsheets I use for analyzing my plays.

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papajohn Jan 28, 18 8:43 AM

@leiting I will play the setup without a catalyst sometimes. Often a company will release a PR the day after the breakout to take advantage of the stocks momentum.

leiting Jan 28, 18 10:31 PM

Nice one, thanks for the info its good to get someone elses perspective. I have also been going over my trades within the last year and have realised that most of my profits come from multiday b/outs so this is also going to be my only focus for 2018, keep up the good work man, its inspiring

Timmy10000 May 14, 18 4:31 PM

How did you manage to hide the new lows in the high/low ticker? I use it as well and also do not need the new lows, but I cannot seem to hide just the lows.

papajohn May 14, 18 10:34 PM

@Timmy10000 At the top of the high/low tool there is a button with a down arrow. Click that and you can select highs, lows or both.

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