@dux Hi Steven, I have a question with the platform I am using, my brother introduced me to NinjaTrader, have you heard of them? Also, the broker I am currently signed up with is Dorman Trading LLC in Chicago, what are your thoughts about that? Or should I just switch completely to E-Trade Think or Swim? Thank you very much.

dux Dec 09, 17 2:31 PM

i used IB when i started trading

jackc208 Dec 09, 17 11:31 PM

Thank you, what is IB by the way? Is it the private broker that needs introduction?

jackc208 Dec 10, 17 6:51 PM

Ahh. Thank you for the clarification.

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tvaughn Nov 16, 17 3:41 AM

nice trade Bob. I always appreciate your videos and daily watch lists, thanks.

Turbobob Nov 16, 17 7:51 AM

Good point you make. But I used the G/R as the indicator instead as the EMAs may have been late. Turns out they were right.

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Kody Nov 05, 17 10:43 AM

@Jonk87 sweet thnx for the reply, do you pay for the live data or do you just go off STT? I currently use ToS and am finding that the level 2 is a bit delayed. ( My roommate uses STT but my laptop cant run it)

Flockstock Nov 05, 17 8:31 PM

10' hours, 12 hours, 17 hours ... Dedication, drive, and diligence... Being drunk doesn't help .. Just remember to work .. Nothing good comes easy..

Clovis Nov 05, 17 9:21 PM

Thank you for the video, it is helpful.

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@Turbobob I've been going over your trades. It seems on average you lose about 2% on your losers and win around 4% on your winners. Making it an average of 2% per trade. Both long and short show around the same percentages. Also you seem to have a 60% win rate on your shorts and a 72% win rate on your long trades. Those are amazing statistics. You have both the number of winners/losers in your favor but also the win/lose%. You said earlier you take around 20ct / 50ct on a tiered exit. Do you have a fixed loss size when you get in a trade? Like 10ct, to make sure the lose% stay low? Do you use a percentage profit target or a nominal amount. I can understand than 20ct / 50ct on a $2 stock is much harder to achieve than on a $5 stock. Thanks for your teachings.

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MK1996 Dec 07, 17 9:38 AM

Update on the brokerage. lol. Got with ETrade, I can't get used to their ETRADEPRO platform after using STT for a couple weeks. It seems really confusing. But thank you guys for the help. Just put 5k in ETRADE

RMcInarnay Sep 28, 18 10:45 AM

If you keep 100% equity on your short then you don't get charged interest. ie. you have $2k in your account and you short $2k of a stock then there is no interest. Also, E*Trade does not charge interest for intraday shorting, at least that's what they just told me.

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@aheckler Hi. I'm going over your trades. On your shorts you lose on average about $1200 and you winners you win around $550. Your winrate is about 80% .. Obviously it's always the question whether to go for number of winners vs losers or to go for average winner% vs average loser%. Do you have any strategy to keep those losers not go too high?

aheckler Oct 30, 17 5:06 PM

thats just the amount I'm really ok with losing. i have had a bunch of small shorts when i first started out. recently the profits have been over 1000 per trade. It really depends on the trade and how much I'm comfortable putting in to it. When i was rebuilding my account i had a goal of 500-1000 per day and then i would call it quits and walk away. I have the tendency not to cut my losses and shorting too early, something I'm working on.

aheckler Oct 30, 17 5:10 PM

i want to say that i usually go for .2-.5/share in gains per trade, and i just use larger positions now then i did back then

daytradingzoo Oct 31, 17 5:54 AM

Thanks for the feedback. Good luck trading.

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