I'm happy with my $3k in morning profits, that's good on a normal day but even better on a day like today!

Monopolist Mar 12, 11:11 AM

I couldn't find a single play today, every morning panic drop was double on my setups and I got confused. I'm impressed by your trade on DECN, powerful setup

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$738 profit DRIO Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this premarket spiker on a $2/share dip off its highs on news with Walmart https://tim.ly/2YaFeBD small position in case it dips more, but looks to have support at $9ish and I'd love to sell near the open int he $10s or $11s

Exit comments: Got back to the 10s, but pretty solid wall of sellers there so I'll take my single and not be greedy, nice little premarket winner

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AGray_KaliSun Dec 03, 19 1:35 PM

Ummmm...when was this at $2?? I was trying to find that dip this morning. I only saw premarket lows of around $5 or so. Did you buy it at $2 this morning or a previous day?

azwhupa Dec 03, 19 7:17 PM

@jupiter6man, not quite there yet. Thank you...

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RIVX keeps bouncing, now into the $6s, a 100% bounce off the lows, WOW, congrats to all longs, I played WAY too safe, but it's so illiquid so no regrets!

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Monopolist Dec 02, 19 10:18 AM

RIVX was not showing on my chart at all, it was so beautiful. Your classic pump'n'dump pattern, awesome stock :D.

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Gooooooood morning!

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renees Oct 16, 18 9:41 AM

Good morning

Cozier007 Oct 16, 18 4:50 PM

@Monopolist we are in the same boat. I was like damn i still suck after studying all the dvds for 2 years still not consistent. not gonna quit tho lets just keep pushin somethings gotta click

Cozier007 Nov 03, 18 3:26 AM

ye same, quitting not an option i bled out my account 3 times haha 4th times a charm @Monopolist I took off couple weeks. I was getting too much FOMO. The market is correcting it self so its a good time to break and just watch. Im gonna start again next week and focus very strictly on the simple multi day breakouts and first green day patterns, wait for them to actually prove the move and not get sucked into any speculative plays any more. see how it works out. (Take the predictable piece and m

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tayhaoxia Mar 27, 7:45 PM

there is always opportunity even when 3 out of 4 stocks follow the market and the market is crashing

10xtrader Mar 30, 7:21 PM

Pretty sad rhinos are being killed because some people think its an aphrodisiac.

timcobra Apr 01, 5:52 AM

Thanks Tim, I love 2am videos but stay healthy too

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$514 profit RXII Long Stock

Entry comments: New investors, same guys who spiked ALT, news just out, aiming ot make 15-30%

Exit comments: New day high above big resistance at .60, but breakout is weak, again likely due to overall market so I'll just lock in small gains and recognize the environment we're in

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Edna Oct 10, 18 2:08 PM

how do you know who invested?

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-$330 loss CIIX Long Stock

Entry comments: This former CBD-wine runner just went from red-to-green and despite the overall market tanking the CBD sector is on fire so this could bounce more, goal is to sell in the low 1s, I'm also watching PURA, HIPH for potential buys too

Exit comments: This one is not spiking like I thought, mainly because now the Dow is down 520 now and looks to be getting worse so not the best day for speculative stocks, be safe, small losses are fine, just don't let a small mistake turn into a big disaster

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antony1536 Oct 10, 18 1:31 PM

How can you catch the specific moment when stocks are moving?

69tatwinz Oct 10, 18 4:36 PM

Yup your sooo right master, ME the IGC got me.

SherryHall Oct 15, 18 3:18 PM

I just wanted to say thanks for the tips!

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