Got gagged for this...Palmer → kuberan:$MCHX looking for 3 to get taken out and possible move to VWAP at the most but 3 has to go first..odd time of day here.... Not going to participate in chat for while.... Cheers

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devask168 Feb 09, 17 11:58 PM

I don't get it? Is what you said off topic and not an alert? If so why can we congratulate Mark Croock?

Palmer Feb 10, 17 6:28 AM

@devask168 wellll..i think a new life form is important but not sure why I got the gag. maybe if it was meant for the entire room instead of one person. and isn't it funny how $MCHX made the move to the VWAP and failed? hmmm...i'll be back in there next week at some point...

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[TimAlerts] Healthcare sector stocks looking strong. $DCTH might get an exaggerated move with its super small market cap and float. Currently in AUPH o/n

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