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DnBtrdr92 Jun 01, 17 1:52 PM

@Turbobob, would you say your ideal scanner paramters would lool something like. stocks greater than $1.50, but less than $20.00. stocks with market cap less than 1 billion. stocks float less than 100 million. days volume greater than 500,000. and maybe a 8 to 10% daily gain?

Turbobob Jun 01, 17 2:00 PM

exactly what it looks like.

firroo_g Jun 01, 17 3:53 PM

Hey Bob, do you care at all if the company you are trading is in a foreign country? I see a lot of companies in Bermuda, and China (Of course assuming that the volume and the market cap is good enough to trade them)

Turbobob Jun 01, 17 6:06 PM

One of the problems with trading stocks that may trade on other exchanges is the price action might be affected by events you cannot see. Especially if you are trading chinese stocks, it is too dangerous to hold overnight unless your play is a play on what you are expecting the chinese market to do. Bermuda, or other tax havens not so much as their main market would be the US.

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[TimAlerts] so many of htese stocks lately have spiked on day 3, im sure $CUR may well do it also, i didnt hold overnight but should be interesting


[TimAlerts] i think MGTI will have a lot of trouble passing 1.30, anybody else agree? im new to studying lvl2


[TimAlerts] check out the Level 2 on MGTI, the bid drops off after 1.22 down to 1.02, but theres an ask available for 2,500,000 at 130.

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