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Hikaru Oct 23, 17 12:41 AM

Robotics is the future of medical operations. Search for articles relating to that topic. ISRG had exclusive market and was the only company to sell these machines to hospitals for 17 yrs. IN 2000 their stock was $3. Now it went over $1000/share. They recently did a 1/3 split to bring price down. They are worth 40 BILLION. Now compared to TRXC which is a tiny fraction of 1/50 of that market.

Hikaru Oct 23, 17 12:43 AM

TRXC is now ISRG's only competitor with a better robot. Haptic touch, eye control, reusable arms, cost less. ISRG is concerned to say the least. Isn't it ridiculous this stock was at $0.50? Still ridiculous at $3.40. It should be over $10!

Hikaru Oct 23, 17 12:46 AM

Stock market is either under valuing company or over valuing. You have to recognize that by doing your DD. Day traders don't care about this as they play one or 2 runs and pull out, but long holders play the value. AND I can tell you, it's great to be LT share holder as I got in at low levels. So gains will be absurd when it hits over $10.

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