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GrmnWondrBread Nov 16, 19 6:07 PM

Executed my buy at $ASTC beautifully on the fake morning panic. I couldn’t sell fast enough to clear 10%. Ended-up selling at 3.6% profit 3 hours later. Totally watching AIHS for Monday. Hoping for a sharp downtrend followed by a slight reversal to $1. Company looks super sketch in the great scheme of things. But at an 11 float...I can’t bitch.

marquestocknbonds Nov 17, 19 1:42 PM

Interesting, i think after last week. I’m looking at XNET long.

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2RipChic Nov 08, 19 9:44 AM

Thanks, Tim! Made $1,090 in sim on TRUE.

Jackuvalltrades Nov 08, 19 8:36 PM

Please remember you do NOT have to trade every day, have the discipline and mental fortitude to have the patience to wait for ONLY the best setups as that will increase your odds of success dramatically.

Jackuvalltrades Nov 08, 19 8:37 PM

these words make so THE most sense after forcing a trade the other day. Thank you Tim for the wisdom.

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StevenHoechstenbach Sep 19, 19 9:19 AM

Thanks again Tim! It's been pretty entertaining hearing about the promoters recently

luqjeff Sep 19, 19 8:20 PM

hi Tim, Thank you so much for providing this list. however, is your watchlist only for day trade or they are possible swing trade as well?

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