$140 profit KNOS Long Stock

Entry comments: Recent multi-day spiker that makes disinfectants spiking 50%+ today, holding its gains well, day high is .026 so I'd love to see a retest of that into the close or Monday, goal is to sell in the high .02s or low .03s

Exit comments: Out for no gap up but small gain, no press release like i wanted so basically its a scratch

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Windwalzer Apr 20, 20 5:52 PM

These are the things I have to learn, you have to basically have your order ready to go so you can push the button at the bell. I am learning. Thank you so much.

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$2,100 profit CHCI Long Stock

Entry comments: Big earnings winner from yesterday which faded all day, got a little spike today already, lets see if it can go off again, goal is to sell in the 3s, cut losses quickly if wrong

Exit comments: Nice little followup spike but nothing like yesterday so I'll take my single here and move on, nice 10%+ winner

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Windwalzer Apr 16, 20 10:48 PM

Did you play the dip after the spike today? Thank you.

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-$420 loss CHCI Long Stock

Entry comments: Small position on this earnings winner going Supernova, goal is to make 10-20%, moves faaaast

Exit comments: Cut losses after it reopened from halt, chased a bit, small losses are fine

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stewartray1 Apr 15, 20 12:09 PM

good cut losses the stock was trading short for the day

Windwalzer Apr 15, 20 5:19 PM

This one looks like it did the opposite of most halts (lately) and changed directions after the halt. Would that mean there had been a number of sellers orders in before the halt and not as many buy orders? Thank you. "Happy Birthday to you".

wlord777 Apr 15, 20 5:23 PM

I traded this stock as well & lost 350$ was long on it. Bad judgement couldn't find stocks to short via interactive later on during the day

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