lombardo141 May 18, 17 5:21 PM

Sorry to rain on your parade but before it goes supernova it has to break $1.90. If you are in i recommend you take profits because per my research they are going thru bankruptcy proceeding. That's why they have a Q next to their name. Also its a terrible long term chart and looks like a Crow IMO you should focus on real plays. Sorry if i sound preachy. Good luck

DOABadluck May 19, 17 10:25 AM

I bought in at .11 with 8009 shares, sold at .15. $288 proffits!

lombardo141 May 19, 17 10:36 AM

NICE!!! but at least you took profits and not get greedy cause now its dead. lol

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chrislaw789 May 31, 17 3:39 PM

I am having problem entering a trade at the open because price keeps go up then if I follow it then it will be too high so I can't make profit. Please let me know what I should do.

lombardo141 May 31, 17 4:52 PM

I also had the same problem starting out and still do lol. The most popular advise is to use hot keys or set your limit orders in advance of the price. But if it moves so fast whats the point ? Its all about perception and slowing yourself down. I use the 5 min time frame because the one min time frame i realize tricks me into selling too quickly. Sometimes in a high volume runner its important to let the charts play out even if you get in slightly higher.

lombardo141 May 31, 17 4:54 PM

So to recap. Try practicing hotkeys(call your broker or you can google or youtube). Change your time frame to slow you down so you focus not only on price action but patterns. Hope this helps.

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Abdou May 15, 17 10:22 PM

I have not tried paper trading ,I have gone straight LIVE , there no problem trying though! If you kind of not confident enough to go LIVE ,you may consider ,going LIVE with very small positions 50 shares at a time once you gain momentum and confidence you can scale your trading .you need to test the waters dear trader. TIP dont test the waters with both feet,dont put all your eggs in one basket .Good luck ! Remember ,as Tim says CUT LOSSES QUICKLY IF YOU HAPPEN TO HAVE A TRADE GOING AGAINST YO

russbakr May 15, 17 10:44 PM

Trading is easy. Pattern Recognition also easy. Mastering our own Psyche .. thats the true test

BirdsAreWild May 16, 17 4:22 AM

That is the hardest part Russ and I am working on this. Focusing on investments of different kinds for over 30 years requires a different mind set than day trading. I will be a winner and will master this.

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