The1Valentine Mar 04, 17 11:04 PM

What happened? Hard to answer your question if we have no info.

The1Valentine Mar 04, 17 11:05 PM

I saw $DRYS if that was what you were trading for your first trade that could be the issue.

Csethc77 Mar 05, 17 12:36 AM

Stay AWAY from DRYS......or buy when they announce the dilution/offering is over sell into the spike w a quickness

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AtradingTeen1998 Jan 22, 17 6:54 AM

suretrader or interactive brokers, if you're under 25 u can open one for $3000

MaverickRTG Jan 22, 17 12:35 PM

Also Tradezero seem great for small accounts and non us citizens.

urbo Jan 22, 17 12:42 PM

I'm using Firstrade, but there are a few more.. Like TradeStation, Sogo, Suretrade, IB, Speedtrade

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Peregrine_Trading Jan 11, 17 12:24 PM

And of course, it can come up again but the end of the day (or not). Just be aware of the risks and study the patterns.

AtradingTeen1998 Jan 11, 17 1:31 PM

You missed it really, the best time to be around was last nights market close, i got in @1.80 and out today @2.86

patwhalen Jan 11, 17 2:07 PM

Would you consider holding the bioc or etrm overnight in a small short position? I'm bouncing between break even and small loss at the moment. Wondering if the Panic will ensue tomorrow morning?

GGXIII Jan 11, 17 5:26 PM

I'm holding overnight butttt so far Im already down. Only reason I'm still in is because its following the pattern I felt like it was going to take. :/ I've been writing notes on some longer term investments patterns I've been trying out.

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JMDev Jan 02, 17 10:39 AM

No their executions are fine. If you're just concerned about your commision cost bias You could consider just2trade 2 in 2 out

JMDev Jan 02, 17 10:40 AM

The only broker I've used that was just terrible was optionhouse.

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starman101 Jan 01, 17 1:56 PM

Added to my P&D Watch list.

thoe99 Jan 01, 17 4:38 PM

I followed this pump company from 12/6 after getting a pump email. Yes, they are as blatant of a pump as can be. I'm primarily using this to witness it play out live, as I cannot find any broker that will let me borrow shares ahead of time, just to reserve for when the crash happens. I have TDAmeritrade, Etrade, and Optionshouse. Let us know if you have any better luck.

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