trader45657 Feb 06, 17 4:53 AM

Yes, I do! Like tim says. The more you study the more you feel confident to make great trades.

Legion Dec 05, 17 12:16 AM

I found that an account with less than $2000 resulted in me losing more in commissions than I made in the market. I don't know if you'll have the same experience, but that was mine.

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sahandke Jan 30, 17 5:38 PM

I have yet to start trading, but I have been studying for a month now, and like you I wanted to start shorting but there are a lot of problems when you short with a small mount of money for example some broker may have the 2.50 rule. but its ur call, for shorting with 500$ i would suggest suretrader since ther eis no PDT rule but the 2.50 applies, the other broker require more starting money than 500$ best of luck

Fox_Trader Jan 30, 17 7:26 PM

If your starting out with 500 , suretrader avoiding the PDT is going to grow your account. Finding great setup's will also grow it. Etrade is a good one but will cost 9.99 per trade good charts. If your beginning trading your going to want to learn how to read charts ,level 2. Robinhood does not have anything does inforce PDT rule, no fees for commissions but honestly stinks.... Trade king have never used. Thinkorswim is another good one to use.

corywhite2 Jan 30, 17 7:35 PM

i opened an account with Options House which is partnered with etrade at 4.95 a stock but ill def check out suretrader. Whats the best way to learn to read charts?

Fox_Trader Jan 31, 17 8:26 PM

@cory Get yourself How to Make Millions DVD it runs 300 35hours long will make a huge difference with your knowledge. And should not be real trading this soon paper trade first.

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sahandke Jan 15, 17 1:49 PM

what happens when you set stop? I would have to choose the stop limit option then?

sahandke Jan 15, 17 1:50 PM

you expect all those to drop?

StephenR Jan 15, 17 5:28 PM

I don't like setting stops but since I can't watch the stocks I need to. These stocks have already broken through key resistance levels and have a well established support level. I would just set your initial stops a few cents lower then the support level stop positions I typed.. after the stock starts moving you'll have to adjust your stops if/when the price starts moving up or set a specified target price.

StephenR Jan 15, 17 6:00 PM

Also, just to footstomp...although I do a lot of DD by analyzing charts, using scanners/filters, reading filings, etc I'm still just a newbie trader. If I could sit behind a computer all day I would be following Tims proven methods which are more lucrative then my long plays.

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sahandke Jan 14, 17 8:54 PM

when you buy a stock do you usually go with the market price or limit price? why and what is the limit price u choose?

avinash2060 Jan 14, 17 8:56 PM

17 is R2 and 15.35 is R1 and if it breaks that than it's an uptrend

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