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mudit1234 Feb 22, 17 9:00 PM

where did you find these stocks at?

marcb2001 Feb 23, 17 7:27 AM

Thanks for that, Like the way you lay out your WL. Congrats on success so far

StoxxRock Feb 23, 17 7:29 AM

@marcb2001 looks are deceiving. I am getting slaughtered recently. Very frustrating.

StoxxRock Feb 23, 17 7:30 AM

@mudit1234 I have several different scans that I go through nightly. Some on StockstoTrade and some on

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Turbobob Feb 02, 17 10:23 PM

Csethc - Thanks for the feedback.

Turbobob Feb 02, 17 10:24 PM

april4 - those are the trades going through. Green means the trade went through on the offer (uptick) and red means the trade went through on the bid (down tick). White is between the bid and the offer.

marcb2001 Feb 02, 17 10:36 PM

Great. I know futures traders that use the 8, 21 or 34 ems in the exact same way.

Aphilip Feb 03, 17 8:53 AM

What platform do you use?

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Palmer Jan 28, 17 8:20 AM

You can keep a few $ in TOS and still get the live data, charts, etc. and trade through the ST platfrom. Many people use TOS specifically for charts and trade through other brokers.I haven't used ST at all but many people do.

marcb2001 Jan 28, 17 9:00 AM

It does appear a secent trategy however I am told that the fees and commissions add up very quickly so I would propose you to paper trade enough to minimize mistakes. losses or scratch trades. I use TOS in Canada where we don't have the PDT here, and guess what was my main issue starting out ? That's right, over trading.

RafaelRivas Jan 28, 17 2:02 PM

Just be careful with this setup, ST its a good broker but if your are not 100% ready to trade, you can finished blowing up your account, because of over trading and all the fees.

ntbarone Jan 29, 17 12:25 AM

@Palmer Thanks Palmer! I've managed to actually get live data during paper trading. All you have to do is ask the service reps and they'll switch it over from the 20 minute delay.

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