@brendabednar how much money do you starting ?

chrislaw789 Jun 01, 17 12:31 PM

Hi Brenda, I am new and try to buy stock when it opens is very hard because it keeps increase and if I follow then I end up buying too high and loss intead of profit. Please give me some tips. Thanks

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hi Brenda, I looked over your trades this month. According to your stats you only had 1 loss. What is your secret? Unbelievable. How do you find the right stock to pull the trigger and not loose? Any tips for a newb. I've found stocks but always get scared out or jump in at the wrong turning point. It's like I always choose the wrong direction. What's your secret

brendabednar Feb 17, 17 8:08 AM

Be patient and study. Figure out proper position sizing and don't throw all your money in one trade. No secret, just repetition.

tradedisciplined Feb 17, 17 9:44 AM

@brendabednar thanks brenda i just did that this morning.. tried RGSE plan was the gap to fill and get out..2.41-2.61 but only hit 2.5 got out even

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