kenjiii16 Mar 21, 17 10:24 AM

could you explain the reason why you bought at 3.11? I usually hesitate buying into solid green candles into the open bc i feel like im chasing and its gonna pullback right as i enter. PULM looked like a chase at 3.11. your insight is much appreciated

ahaltam Mar 21, 17 11:31 AM

Market opened at 2.80 and within a few minutes 4-5 minutes it reached over 3.20ish. I wouldn't say it was a chase since I was in on the early spike. When I first started trading, I was always chasing and as soon as I jumped in there was always a huge pullback and I would be down as soon as my order was executed. Day by day i have adjusted my entry/exit and following TIM on his strategy of locking in small profits and getting out quick. Now ofcourse there are days where I feel better and hold on

kgarcia Mar 21, 17 8:27 PM

@kenjiii16 3.11 was previous resistance so if it breaks through then its considered a "breakout" and has a high probability of spiking more

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JohnnyVictory Mar 02, 17 10:30 PM

I want to learn how to actually use E Trade to invest my money. I am literally clueless.

kgarcia Mar 02, 17 10:37 PM

everyone has their personal opinions/recommendations. I like Interactive Brokers very much but occasionally doesnt have shares to short. You can start buy looking on your dashboard in the left hand side. there are drop down videos there. If you want to see a basic video look at Premium, Getting Started video

Fox_Trader Mar 04, 17 3:23 AM

Use thinkorswim for a paper trading account its free.

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kgarcia Feb 25, 17 5:13 PM

Good luck. focus on finding one winning strategy that suits your risks. Some people short some people long. I personally hunt for earnings winners and watch for a morning spike and enter during the pull back or I watch for a morning panic and enter on the first green candle.

Garrick Feb 26, 17 11:53 AM

@kgarcia Thanks man. So far I seem to be long biased. However, I want to learn to short.

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CastilloTrading Feb 15, 17 11:33 AM

Thank you for the quick recap of the Webinar... Was unable to make it due to work, but will be watching it once it is posted. This was very helpful with Earnings Winners, as I need work on how to play these Stocks. Thanks

Tone Feb 15, 17 12:33 PM

Thanks Kenneth, very good post.

Tone Feb 15, 17 12:39 PM

Due to really inconvenient time zones, I'm look at at a different approach. Earnings winners can be great swing trades over about 5 days. The ideal setup is an earnings winner with technical breakout, ideally green on day 1, but it can work if red if the breakout is maintained (look at PRCP). Get in late in the day and then look for 7% -15 % over the next 5 days or so, as earnings winners can run. This is working great in paper trading, but I'm picking the wrong ones when using real money :-)

cwood Feb 15, 17 4:11 PM

Remember that just bc many of the earnings winners on his w/l are one and done, doesn't mean many of them in general are the same way. This is a secondary strategy for him, so he only profiles a small fraction of the winners we get each quarter. last quarter we had about 50 earnings winners under $20 that ran for several days

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Zotti2017 Feb 26, 17 9:51 AM

Hi Cory, could you be so kind and send me your great work as well? Congrats on your 11K profit! Kind reagrds, Heike

Zotti2017 Feb 26, 17 9:54 AM

Zotti2017 Feb 26, 17 9:58 AM

Oh well, I am new to this. Sorry for any confusion, I posted this on this on the wrong headline. I meant your spreadsheet

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@spampennypicks which videos do you watch a lot from tim dvds

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HIMMENY Feb 14, 17 9:32 AM

i watched all the DVDS included in the challenge subscription and how to make millions, i also am watching all the video lessons starting from #1, i am on VL #2,230 right now.. after the video lessons i plan on watching all the webinars starting from 2008 then going back to the DVDS and starting all over again

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AngelTrades Feb 12, 17 9:03 PM

Great fucking post man! I defintely bookmarked this post. I like you safety when it comes to dip buying earnings winners on at day 2. I defintely will re read this again and again and again until I drive it into my brain! God bless you bud! I'll see you in the 6-7 figures on day :)

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