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IceMan14 Mar 10, 17 10:51 AM

Check the Russell 2000 chart which is the overall small and mid cap stock market and you will see how it is struggling, only the Dow and the S&P of big boy corporations are heavily bullish

Turbobob Mar 10, 17 11:21 AM

So there is divergence.... One of them is going to be right. Small caps are usually the last to blow off in the late stages of the bull market. Generally, they are not the leaders. in my opinion

Turbobob Mar 10, 17 11:36 AM

jepic. No I am no longer in AKAO.

Turbobob Mar 10, 17 11:37 AM

Oasis5 - most of the financial sites have them. But Yahoo Finance is a free site that has it listed. Of course the NASD has it as well as they publish the list.

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BayHarborButcher Feb 20, 17 5:53 PM

Funny... I'm literally at barnes&noble getting it right now

Nonnenmann Feb 20, 17 6:50 PM

Just finished How i made 2M in the stock market, about to start Reminiscences of a stock operator :) but yes i keep halting the reading to get the studying in as well.

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koolboy160 Feb 18, 17 8:13 PM

How did you find this stock?

HoustonParker Feb 18, 17 8:20 PM

@koolboy160 I went through and did a specific research method I always do to find plays!

Nonnenmann Feb 18, 17 8:57 PM

Nice review, always looking at your post :)

StoxxRock Feb 19, 17 12:36 PM

@HoustonParker Nice find. What is your research method for finding these? Can you detail that?

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Nonnenmann Feb 14, 17 1:40 AM

Tonight was my first night sitting down and researching all my own plays for tomorrow and my list is almost identical. Very nice to see as a new trading i have chose stocks a successful trader is choosing. Do you use STT? good luck tomorrow! SINO

friesian Feb 14, 17 3:10 AM

I mean - for me its too late, but I will follow your watchlist and compare until I'll start making some ... still in the beginning. But this looks good and well structured! Thx!

FunkyTrader Feb 14, 17 8:11 AM

Add $NMM(2-2.50++) to the earning winner spikers!!

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Nonnenmann Feb 14, 17 1:47 AM

Started following you due to your streem line watchlist and the similar stocks you choose because i always find myself gravitating toward similar/same stocks as you choose. Just wondering if you use STT and what type of search engines you run. I need to starte becoming more confident in selecting my own trades and executing them. Currently i feel as though im always on here making sure my plays are alighned with those i follow. Which ofcourse isn't good long term. Any advice is helpful. Mahalo

MajorHitman Feb 14, 17 11:12 AM

@Nonnenmann I don't use STT but I can share with you the websites I use to scan for stocks. Primarily I focus on the front page of because that’s what the majority of people are doing. I use Google Finance/Yahoo Finance/SEC and MSN Money for my research and analysis on company fundamentals. I use and for analyzing stock charts and patterns. After I assimilate all the data, I study the psychology behind the stocks and develop a trading plan. What you see

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NastyDestroyer Feb 01, 17 11:52 PM

I am not a great trader, but im working with a small account (1000) and i have been swing trading pot stocks, its hard to pull the trigger on a day trade knowing you have to cover your fees. When i see a potential 10% gain, and can only invest a few hundred dollars, its just not worth it. Tough position to be in. I consider it live training. Good luck to all of us with small accounts

ftmanglona Feb 02, 17 12:34 AM

The reason your funds are held up is because you have a cash account. If you had say $5000 and spent $2500 on 1 stock, you then have another $2500 which can be spent on another stock. If you spend all $5000 on one stock, you have to wait for the cash to settle. Upgrade to a margin account (i believe 2k is the minimum)

Nonnenmann Feb 02, 17 1:47 AM

Be careful! i have also just begun trading and studying in december last year. I wasn't aware of the 3 days to settle rule at first and mid january got my account band for 90 days :(

Nonnenmann Feb 02, 17 1:53 AM

That band account was with fedility. There is no reversing a band with fedility. I however found out that by turning that account into a margin account it removed the band. I now have two small margin account (2000 - 3000) with fedility and e-trade. It gives me the benifit of avoiding the PDT rule and also margin accounts don't take 3 days to settle. Just be careful, i never take a postion that uses the margins funds they provide. I only have it to avoid the 3 day settle rule. let me know if

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TheWindWarrior Jan 18, 17 6:07 AM

Currently I have a cash account but I'll upgrade to margin when I pass 2K (TD Ameritrade), anyway I can buy AND SELL, then have to wait for it to settle

TheWindWarrior Jan 18, 17 6:09 AM

So yes, you should be able to still follow his strategies on buy plays, that's what I've been doing. Also, only have to wait to settle if go all in, otherwise still have other funds to use. Hope this helps.

TheWindWarrior Jan 18, 17 11:10 PM

Also I'm sorry you're account was frozen, that really stinks

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banapalo Jan 12, 17 4:47 AM

Set the terms to GTC EXT. Sometimes you have an AM option which stands for EXTENDED HOURS AM or PM for EXTENDED HOURS PM. (TD AMERITRADE)

banapalo Jan 12, 17 4:48 AM

Also, in my experience with TD, you can only trade with LIMIT orders in the extended sessions, not market

Nonnenmann Jan 12, 17 9:53 AM

Awesome information y'all. After doing some easearch and for myself to sellf BIOC this morning i found the issue. I had a GTC order. So it wouldn't eecute. Also i found a link about fidelity trading in extended areas and it says to call. So im assuming there is an agreement or something because right now i don't even have the option to trade afterhours.

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