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Turbobob Jun 12, 17 8:58 AM

They show up on the scanners as biggest % gainers and stocks trading at new highs. The stocks doing that quite often have a common theme. ie. most are from a sector, like pot stocks or semi conuctors or tech or biotech.

alealvarez Jun 12, 17 9:20 AM

That makes sense. Thanks Bob!

friesian Jun 12, 17 10:33 AM

WOW ... I guess today is not a good day. no matches at all ... not only for these stocks ... :|

friesian Jun 13, 17 4:19 AM

:) ... WOW again. LXRX met exactly your strategy. I was just not patient enough and had trouble with STT. I always thought most of the moves happen within the first hour of the day. Here it is just in the middle of the day and I am @ work. gotta find a way to be more flexible, not sitting in front of the computer.

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friesian Jun 08, 17 8:06 AM

@IceMan14 just read it .. makes sense. I guess its the only way. :) thank you!

Bryan3121 Jun 08, 17 8:49 AM

Well, on 5/18 this MOSY hit its 52 week low and as of tuesday it was sitting at .62 cent a share and on wednesday it goes to around .80 cent a share. And that is the point that if want it then get it. It should be showing up on scanners with a 30% jump. But this is still the homework of P.R.E.P.A.R.E. that Tim Sykes is always preaching in his youtube videos. How do we see this coming? By knowing which patterns are setting up daily. Especially, with a recent 52 week low then it should be being wa

Bryan3121 Jun 08, 17 8:52 AM

It cut me off what i was saying was just do the homework of P.R.E.P.A.R.E. and know what symbols are hitting 52 week lows and when they make their move then jump all over it. I can't promise you or I can predict this exact play. But this plays happen all the time just a different symbol same pattern.

friesian Jun 08, 17 9:08 AM

@Bryan3121 Thank you ... I always try to do my homework. But I am obviously not really good at it ... :) So thank you for your comment. I will try to adapt ...

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SanketJ Apr 19, 17 5:55 AM

@DJ1978 Hey! Thank you so much! I've dropped you a quick message! Appreciate your help and support

JordMcKeown Apr 19, 17 6:06 AM

@SanketJ im not too sure on the minimum but i opened an account about a year or 2 ago with only $1500 and it was quite easy from what i remember

DeDave32 Apr 19, 17 8:22 AM

I,m from Ireland, I,m having trouble getting my ITIN. Ameritrade (think or swim) is the way to go. No doubt. $2000 minimum. its worth it to save up the doubh, excellent platform

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FunkyTrader Mar 23, 17 8:13 PM

@friesian Yes those are my estimated dip buy ranges based on previous candle support.

MrJanMeister Mar 24, 17 2:21 AM

Thank you very much! Appreciate it a lot! :)

friesian Mar 24, 17 5:27 AM

@FunkyTrader: Thx for response. I just wasn't sure if it is always meant as buying or also as potential short range if it breaks this levels. sometimes you write. could be helpful to put in a little more information in one line for your trades. Otherwise fine. Thank you

FunkyTrader Mar 24, 17 6:40 AM

@friesian Currently I've been doing dip buy strategies as I stated in the paragraph above the watch list. However, if it does fall below the lower support range it is a possible short, just like JNUG and JDST. So JDST was the one to ride up today as JNUG fell below 7.10 for example.

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