It's midday so remember to trade less, study more, read my newest blog post http://tim.ly/sykesrisk on managing risk, not a fun topic, but VERY necessary! Also please watch this http://tim.ly/sykesask and see we're just $3k to go to building a new school!

scipion May 03, 17 1:04 PM

What should I do with my 10K shares inUSRM?

scipion May 03, 17 1:08 PM

I bought @ 0.092

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1noosa May 01, 17 6:13 PM

I'm new here & from the UK, so no broker account yet, have a look at these brokers https://www.tradezero.co sounds like there operating from the same Island as SureTrader - would be good to hear feed back on Tradezero.

CatBow May 01, 17 8:23 PM

I am here in Canada. Have just started so went with the broker my Credit Union uses at least for now til I get my feet wet. Credential Direct.

rahul1977 Jun 06, 17 7:03 PM

@DerMichl I am living in Uk as well. Not sure which broker is good to trade US penny stocks. How are you getting on with sure trader? Thanks in advance

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scipion Apr 27, 17 4:24 PM

Stock breaks out either way because of the volume, shorting or good news. Consolidation in penny stocks is not consistent activity but yes, I heared somewhere that when the stock is being sold this counts as a volume and also, drives the stock up. Newbies are not that active in stocks but chasers sure. Once u hv a stock and you are losing you want to buy another batch as it lowers and then decrease your overall salling price. This is why Tim teaches to sale into strenght and don't take chances.

scipion Apr 27, 17 4:27 PM

As the beginner I chase stocks but then I don't rush to sale. This is why you should always leave money aside to be able to chase the stock. I actually did quite well, on 60 trades I have made few hundred dollars. I yet hv to form my startegy...

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AngelTrades Apr 19, 17 2:47 PM

I did the same thing! I've been here for 149 days! Haven't traded as much as you but hey it's all a learning process. I'm proud of you bud keep moving forward!

TheMove Apr 19, 17 11:35 PM

Hi Phipps, I hear where your'e coming from. One suggestion, why not try opening a Roth IRA account? I started trading a couple months ago with Ameritrade on a cash account and recently opened a Roth. From my understanding, you can trade at will with a Roth, but won't be taxed on gains when tax day rolls around. You can take out an amount less than or equal to your contributions (max 5500), if need be, but any money you gain in the account is tax free. Just some food for thought. Happy trad

TheMove Apr 19, 17 11:38 PM

*happy trading, lol

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