TimeFliesBuy Sep 01, 17 6:02 PM

I think many of us have defiitely been in similar situations, let me try to read my own thoughts. 1. Was Michael Goode right in the begining? 2. When does the market finally become sane again 3. You know that short position is going to kill you over this 3 day weekend right? 4. how do I go from consistent profits to the crappy losses I've had since F'in June? 5. Does Tim care more about schools in 3rd world countries than his own community on Profit.ly? 6. My inability to cut losses seems simila

TimeFliesBuy Sep 01, 17 6:03 PM

6. My inability to cut losses seems similar to not being abil to walk away from an argument or fight, why do I not have the ability to just walk away?

smillie327 Sep 04, 17 2:19 AM

1. Maybe 2. When the world becomes sane again 3. Yes, don't do it 4. The market is difficult & choppy...reviewing Ross Cameron/Warrior Traders helps me with market issues...a momentum trader recaps daily on youtube 5. It seems that way, huh? 6. Hold & Hope goes too far, and we have to stop it, hardest thing to do. Good luck!

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HonestTrader Aug 31, 17 8:00 AM

@Turbobob That's real dedication. Which strategy has been most profitable for you this year? Or which pattern has been the most consistent in 2k17?

HonestTrader Aug 31, 17 8:10 AM

@Turbobob Also in the CRBP you've mentioned 17 days to cover. Could you go into detail what that means?

Turbobob Aug 31, 17 7:29 PM

I generally buy break outs or 1st pull backs.

eddiebanful Sep 01, 17 12:45 AM

@Aristotle Watch his video lessons, you'll know what it means

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mazeetwazaad Aug 28, 17 5:55 PM

I feel I am doing the same thing, as in holding position far too long. I believe it comes from the PDT Rule (atleast for me). Knowing that if i cut my losses quickly, i waste a trade and if the perfect play comes up, i could be locked out. Not sure about your account size but do you feel limited in that regard?

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