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Nevatap808 Apr 08, 18 7:18 PM

Great to see someone utilizing TOS...I'vs been doing a ton of back testing with the on demand, testing chart patterns. I would recommend the same. It the only way i've found to be able to put in the hours of chart watching witch is truly reqiured, I work full time, single dad and trade from hawaii...keep up the hard work watch as much lessons as possible and don't give up. Awesome video.

brazin Apr 10, 18 1:57 AM

My trades were shambles today, laughing at how dead on i was at describing the stocks in the video and then fumbled it in the trading day. On the right track but need hours and hours of practice and trial and error. Looking into ondemand feature right now and i cant beleive i hadn't seen it sooner, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Full time college student going for my bachelors in finance, studying money all day long is exhausting but the passion is there. Thanks!

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LizLele Jul 16, 17 1:46 PM

Lol I love donuts AND bacon

Torkers Jul 16, 17 10:40 PM

Great that you had two green weeks - very impressed of your jorney ! Love your video as always!

Jonk87 Jul 16, 17 11:27 PM

@Lizzy8636 good to see you are working now and sticking with learning keep at it

Jonk87 Jul 16, 17 11:28 PM

@Torkers ya let's hope for three as it now seems to be clicking more :-) Thanks and awesome to see you're following everything.

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lombardo141 Jul 02, 17 10:41 PM

Thanks guys for comments @Palmer i guess great minds think alike. Thanks for confirmation

Palmer Jul 05, 17 10:19 AM

$CLSN price action this morning was a very good example of the failed open breakout, then dip return up with volume.

lombardo141 Jul 05, 17 11:59 AM

Yep. That's exactly how I traded this. It's history of failed spikes prevented me from sizing in like I wanted. But yep it happens again and again.

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