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SouthDwn Jul 31, 17 4:44 PM

great words Roland. Thanks! Your track record is very inspiring! I know you're hearing that a lot these days and it is damn well deserved. Great work! Hope to meet you at the summit in Orlando!

ZachR Nov 29, 17 12:27 PM

Adapt to the market and never stop learning.

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TangoBaker Jun 08, 17 9:13 AM

@Kody honestly unless you have watched all the videos taken detialed notes and are in the challange group and the stt pro group. don't start trading if you look into dux trades he first started with ib and then moved Tim's secrect broker. What ever you do don't trade with large amounts of money stick with 500 shares you have to see the patterns first.

Kody Jun 08, 17 9:45 AM

@goldencrown505 thanks for the advice bud!

AmyBrice Jun 09, 17 1:05 PM

well said goldencrown505.

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asefporl May 27, 17 3:03 PM

Mr Himmeny i am currently using suretrader but i have some problems, i am mainly a short seller and they have 0 shorts available for any stock, the other problem is the fees that are killing me, im paying almost 25$ for 1 entry 1 exit. I was wondering if you could tell me how much do you pay for a round trip at IB and if they have shorts available for the kind of stocks we both trade(low flaot runners like HTGM/PULM/CCCR). Thank you for your time

AshtonDtrader Jun 03, 17 8:55 PM

Whats up Himmeny, its Ashton from the mastery class. Great video man! the triangles and overall explanation of your risk/reward levels, gave me some great insight. I look forward to watching more.

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