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rubenfavela May 24, 8:20 PM

Outstanding lesson, how to dip buy a pump and dump in the first red day even though Gritanni was shorting. I appreciate your great teaching way

Buckers Jun 04, 8:01 PM

I appreciate your insight into your trades, thank you

Windwalzer Jul 11, 9:50 PM

This was very clear about the dip buy. I like the dips and I'm working to get good at them so when I trade and get over PDT I can go with it. Thank you for your time.

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asefporl May 27, 17 3:03 PM

Mr Himmeny i am currently using suretrader but i have some problems, i am mainly a short seller and they have 0 shorts available for any stock, the other problem is the fees that are killing me, im paying almost 25$ for 1 entry 1 exit. I was wondering if you could tell me how much do you pay for a round trip at IB and if they have shorts available for the kind of stocks we both trade(low flaot runners like HTGM/PULM/CCCR). Thank you for your time

AshtonDtrader Jun 03, 17 8:55 PM

Whats up Himmeny, its Ashton from the mastery class. Great video man! the triangles and overall explanation of your risk/reward levels, gave me some great insight. I look forward to watching more.

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TimeFliesBuy May 05, 17 2:04 PM

Are you serious, ill start doing vwap videos and tag u. I have about 10 a week but the pdt makes it impossible to trade most of them.

TimeFliesBuy May 05, 17 2:06 PM

One time when $DRYS was tanking it would drop then come up to vwap and drop and come up, did that 4 times in one day, i sent chicago a message just laughing my bum off

Christina May 25, 17 12:53 PM

What resources did you use to learn your technical analysis. I have watched a ton of videos online and am getting into some candlestick trading books after learning some of the basics, but any suggestions would be appreciated!

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@Christina Hello. So good to see another female trader. I'm still pretty new to this. Only a few months day trading. Learning a lot. Still haven't learned how to post my trades, but I will. Just changed brokers. Nice to meet you. -Lori

Christina May 04, 17 7:40 PM

Hey :) Yea i am still in full on study mode myself. Just go to the Trades button and it will prompt you to import them. Nice to meet you too!

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HIMMENY May 05, 17 12:32 PM

Thanks for watching everyoen

Roland71 May 07, 17 11:18 AM

Great! Thanks for the video.

Christina May 25, 17 6:18 PM

I like the fact that you are taking small positions and getting really good at your analysis before trying to go all in and "make a ton of money". Good video

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[TimAlerts] $TBIO 8K is kind of mixed. It is good that all but one investor is converting to stock because that could be seen as bullishness towards the company but that is also another large chunk of stock to be sold not that it is up higher than it has been in a while. Hard to say.

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