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jtran Sep 21, 17 10:40 PM

Thats the best thing you can do if you have had a bad streak of trades. Trading frustraded is the worst mentality to have going into a trade. I am not a professional by any means but after having a run of bad trades I will always put myself on a trading halt and hit the books again. You will succeed going into a trade with a clear mind and great attitude and obviously the knowledge. Keep up the great work and dont be so hard onyouself. Cheers.

Vaytzman Sep 23, 17 9:28 AM

@ARCC thanks for the support man! but my friend, smaller than what i do and commisions will kill me

ARCC Sep 24, 17 3:20 PM

I know what you mean man, I'm in the same boat. But I consider commisions learning money. And come to think of it, your idea to take a brake and evaluate is actually not that bad. Good luck with it!

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PocketPAT May 11, 19 12:27 AM

Thanks Roland!!! Bookmarked! LESSON: Even tickers that are about to go bankrupt or even that have already gone bankrupt can still provide price-action to bank on temporarily.

shoeusn Aug 10, 19 4:04 PM

Thanks for the video!

rubenfavela May 24, 7:46 PM

Great lesson, good to know how to buy near support and observe the uptrend to prepare the exit. Awesome lesson

Buckers Jun 05, 7:42 AM

Such good information, I will be re watching all your lessons, thanks Roland

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jtran Sep 04, 17 4:30 PM

Thanks for the video lesson. Great work. Can't believe you had 79 trades in April lol

HIMMENY Sep 06, 17 9:26 AM

@jtran thank you haha yeah April was terrible discipline on my part

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@johnvtran just became a fully transparent trader today!

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jtran Aug 31, 17 6:14 PM

hey how is it going john? I just noticed we have very similar names lol. good luck with the challenge.

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