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Nonnenmann Feb 14, 17 1:40 AM

Tonight was my first night sitting down and researching all my own plays for tomorrow and my list is almost identical. Very nice to see as a new trading i have chose stocks a successful trader is choosing. Do you use STT? good luck tomorrow! SINO

friesian Feb 14, 17 3:10 AM

I mean - for me its too late, but I will follow your watchlist and compare until I'll start making some ... still in the beginning. But this looks good and well structured! Thx!

FunkyTrader Feb 14, 17 8:11 AM

Add $NMM(2-2.50++) to the earning winner spikers!!

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april4 Feb 08, 17 5:38 AM

good luck buddy.......what all Tim's DVDs did you study before you started trading?

NickE Feb 08, 17 8:11 AM

I like your idea of recording your rules and lessons.

swish Feb 08, 17 9:45 AM

didn't watch any DVDs just the video lessons. Just trying to copy what Tim does.

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